Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's cake

How did you spend the Valentine's day yesterday?
This year, I made a chocolate-flavored rolled cake that my husband requested, not opening neither of last week's sugar bags :) I used another granulated sugar.

You might have heard of this but, in Japan, for decades Valentine's day has been when women give chocolates to men they love. This has been said to originate in a domestic confectioner's sales campaign.

I was the one who was tempted by the trend.
Last year's Valentine's day, I bought my husband a very small box of chocolate(4 or 6 pieces) of what I 'd call some famous confectioner in New York.
That was pretty expensive, but I bought it for him, and the taste was good.

But, what do you think he said?

He went, "How many 'beef bowl'(= a bowl of cooked rice topped with shredded beef and onion simmerd together and seasoned with sugar and soysauce)s could I eat for the price of this box?" --- :(

Hey man!
You just love beef bowls, and lower-priced peanut chocolate of a major Japanese confectioner, do you?
OK, yes, my fault. I had almost forgotten it...... but won't you please give me back a fortune of 2000yen I spent for your unloved chocolate?! :)

--- So this year, I never thought of buying any one of mass produced chocolate; instead I bought strawberries and a pack of fresh cream.

He of course liked my cake (he must!). And, me too! It was just good! My great job.

By the way, if you bake cakes, did you know fruits jam instead of sugar greatly helps us to whip fresh cream?
Add one spoon of jam (and some sugar if you like) to one cup of cream, use a hand whipper, and in about 1 minute you'll have whipped cream.
Quite easy. No stamina and electrical whipper needed. Worth trying.

Well, that's it. How is your country's Valentine's day like?


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