Friday, December 29, 2006

Today is...

The first snow I see here this winter.

It is my birthday today.

Here in Japan, as well as many other coutries I imagine, on birthdays people receive birthday presents, eat decorated cakes, hold birthday parties or just eating out for dinner, and so on. Just have fun.

This year, my husband gave me a vivid red leather purse, saying he thought he would let me have this color's purse at the first glance of it. It sure looks stylish, and has the atmosphere of a 'grown woman.' ;D

Well, since I am a graceful and quiet person (TOTAL joke!!), I always buy gears of simple, plain design and color for me (half joke; rarely I buy distinct ones).
So yes, I agree him; I would never hit upon choosing this deep and bright color for my purse!

This will be a 'brand-new trial' of me. I will enjoy using it.

By the way, tomorrow my husband and I will go on a year-end visit to our parents' home and celebrate the New Year with family members.

It is customary for Japanese to do so every year. Usually homecomig visits are held twice a year: O-bon(=Buddhist holidays) period in August, and year-end period in December.
We enjoy this year-end holidays watching season's special TV programs, playing games (video games?!), eating New Year's cuisines, going shopping, visiting sightseeing spots, etc. Many parents and children look forward to this reunion.

So, we two will meet our parents too. This post will be the last one for this year.

Take care, and have a great happy New Year!! :) :)


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