Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rainy season & washing

Rain, rain, rain. At this time of the year, it rains a lot in Japan.
This weather continues from early June through late July. We call this season "tsuyu"(pronounced like ts-you), often translated as "early-summer rainy season."

What bothers housewives most in tsuyu is, LAUNDERING. I'm sure every housewife (househusband?) in Japan will agree with it.
With the continuous rainy weather and high humidity of 70, 80, or 90 percent, laundry cannot dry fast, obviously!

Laundry driers sure have been prevailing recently, but it is not necessarily popular yet here.
I don't have one either. My reason is that it seems to be quite expensive to run; hanging up costs no electricity! Plus, I think I feel comfortable having laundry dried under the sun(, which disinfects the laundry with the ultraviolet rays!), rather than throwing it into a spinning hot cylinder worrying about the electricity bill.

Anyway, now laundering is the gloom and doom household chores for me.
But, OK, I'm gonna do today's share of washing. I have to.

--- Turn the machine on,

--- Pour water and detergent,

--- And wash.

Funny it is? Yes, this is my washing machine, which I have been used for eight years since getting married.
But I know this type of machine has been a bit old-fashioned here these years.
Recently washing machines in Japan has progressed a lot; many of them have the drum slanted off the horizontal, unlike mine with the vertical drum, in order to avoid users' back strain (so-called of universal design).
Increasing too is the "washer and drier combined" type of machines, and some even don't require detergent to make the laundry clean!! How surprising.

Japanese may be good at coming up with convenient but mysterious kind of mechanical devices... I'm afraid the machines might control us human beings sometime... could it be they already do?! :)


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