Friday, April 28, 2006

Golden week begins

Tomorrow, April 29, is a national holiday in Japan, that means, Golden Week starts!

You may wonder what it is. Japan has a series of national holidays from May 3 through 5.
It is a great boost of holidays in one week. If people can take the rest of the weekdays off, they can have more than seven days as holidays! (this year, 9 days at the maximum)

Japanese movie industry people are said to have named this series of holidays "Golden Week", because it brings them a lot of box-office revenue so it is "precious as gold" to them (I think).

But now it seems that most people consider it as "Golden Week" because Japanese are so busy working long time every day that they are extremely happy to have such a long 'vacation' as if they got bars of gold!

Anyway, holidays. Some people must be now waiting at the airport to board their planes to Guam, Hawaii or Italy or else (Japanese favorite visiting sites), but my husband and I are going to stay here and find some pleasure.

So, have a great weekend (and holidays for Japanese)!


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