Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Waterway & Temple

Through the Kyoto city runs a waterway from Lake biwa, the biggest lake in Japan which locates in the middle of main island Japan.
This waterway, which devides into some branches, was originally laid in the late 19th century to operate hydroelectric generation. Now it provides beautiful scenery both sides throughout the city.

At the east part of the waterway, cherry trees are planted along it. They bloom so brightly in the top season:

(Above) Cross a bridge over the waterway, and you'll reach a temple named Bishamondo Temple. This is also famous for blomming sakura in its precincts:

The cherry tree right above is over 100 years plus some decades old.

The teple also has a beautiful Japanese-style garden:

It is surrounded by maple trees. There must be a magnificent view at the season of red-turned leaves in autumn!


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