Friday, February 24, 2006

Gold came out of effort

Good job! An athelete has brought Japan its first medal; to our joy, the one shining in the most brilliant color, at the Winter Olympics in Torino!

Shizuka Arakawa is the gold medalist at women's figure skating. She reportedly is the event's first-ever gold medalist of not only Japan but also all Asia. How great!

Her contribution to Japan's Olympic history is obviously wonderful, but apart from it, I'd like to admire her for the medal, because domestically she is known to be a quite hard-working and self-disciplined skater.

She participated in the 1998's Olympics but wasn't ranked highly. Moreover, four years later she couldn't even enter the Games.
Bitter experiences including them must have set her on the path to a victory. She is said to have made tough, constant efforts to improve her skills; how hard it was would be much more than we can imagine. And she never gave up.

A TV news program has just reported that her mother used to make daughter's costumes herself until Shizuka's early teens to cut down the high expenses for the skating. Great mother.

Now it all seems to have paid off. Congratulations, Shizuka! May your future skating life also be a happy one to you...


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