Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yoshino's cherry

Today with my husband I went to Mt. Yoshino, Nara pref., to the south of Kyoto.
There are many temples and shrines there, which were registered as the World Heritage sites along the whole mountain, but that's not all.

What makes this mountain remarkable is that it is covered by about thirty thousands of cherry trees, and in spring the pink-blossoms-covered view is so fantastic and it lasts almost all during April.

Though it was rainy, there were a lot of people who came all the way to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

One of the shrines, Kinpu Shrine

Mt. Yoshino is covered by not only cherry but also sugi (Japanese cedar). The Yoshino sugi is also famous for providing quality timber.

Now, here comes the pink mountain surface!

When you have a chance to visit Nara in April, Mt. Yoshino is a must. (it is a bit far from Nara City, though)


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