Monday, April 24, 2006


Like Mt. Yoshino, which I wrote about previously, Ninna-ji Temple is a World Heritage site.

the huge main gate

a Japanese-style garden in its fee-charged area of the precincts: so pretty

However, it is in order to see its sakura blossoms that I visited Ninnaji Temple today!

A the central Kyoto City, the cherry blossom season has been almost over; except for Ninnaji.
I had heard that cherries there bloom later than any other trees in the city, so I went there with the hope I can still enjoy the blossoms.

Oh, there. This cherry breed is called "Omuro-Ariake," which is late-blooming and is unique to this Ninnaji precincts.

There were some trees that had bloomed well, but the most blossoms had been scattered, making a "pink carpet" over the ground; it was beautiful in itself, so it's alright.

the bell tower

five-storied pagoda

Lastly, I'll show you a rare stuff:

Green blossoms of cherry! How interesting. The name of this breed is "Gyoi-ko."

OK, since late March, I have enjoyed this year's sakura so much. Did you? :)


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