Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Early-summer flowers & leaves

In Japan, May is a comfortable season; no longer cold, not yet boiling-hot, and not yet muggy unlike the rainy season tsuyu in June and July.
Plus, it is very pleasant in May: everywhere I look there are young fresh leaves with unbelievabliy beautiful green. I just love May.

However, unfortunately enough, I caught a very bad cold in the early May this year, so I just stayed home.
About three weeks later, since it was so fine a day, I couldn't help rushing out into a nearby park, to enjoy seeing pretty flowers and greens there.

a blossom of a tuliptree

A fruit of sakura (cherry) blossom!
Unlike those round and big cherry fruits that we are familiar with, these tiny blossom fruits have little edible part and don't taste good. Did you know it?

Ginkgo young leaves

a kind of iris

I don't know the name of these blossoms but they were pretty.

Oop! I feel a bit dizzy... seems like I haven't fully recoverd from the cold. Just go home and take a rest...

YOU must take care not to catch a cold!! Have a nice day.


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