Friday, November 10, 2006

Temples in Nara

Today I went to Nara City to see an exhibition and visit several temples.
Nara is about 30km (18.6 mi.) south to Kyoto. Since it was the ancient capital of Japan before Kyoto, it has many old valuable works of art and Buddhist temples as well as Kyoto.

These are pictures at Yakushiji Temple;

and these at Toshodaiji Temple;

and at Horyuji Temple:

These three temples are all designated as World Heritages. In particular, Horyuji Temple right above is very historic.
Its three buildings in the second picture from its top one, a gate, a five-storied pagoda, and the main building, are said to be the oldest Buddhist wooden architecture in the world.
The temple was built in 7th century, and in 1983 it was designated as the World Heritage first in Japan.

Evert time I visit such historic or scenic spots, I take numerous numbers of photos, too many to handle!!
But I managed to choose some to use on my blogs. It's a very hard task for me, and I know I will keep this way from now on too... :)


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