Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mt. Fuji and bridge

Here are some photos I took during the "year-end visits to our parents' home" that I mentioned in the last post.

This is Mt.Fuji. You must have heard of it if you are into Japan ;)
This mountain is the highest one in Japan, with the height of 3,776km (2346mi.), and quite beautiful corn shape.

In this country Mt.Fuji has long been the object of "mountain worship," and various kinds of art; painting, photo, waka poem, maybe haiku, etc. It could be said that Mt. Fuji represents the "heart" or aesthetic feeling of Japanese people in many ways.

This is a scene at Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This city is just huge, I heard sometimes it's said to resemble New York. (I've never been there so I don't know if it's true)
Tokyo is full of people and cars, and many structures such as expressways and commercial buildings, as you see in the photo above.

What I wanted to take photos of this time is this: Nihon-bashi Bridge.

Yes. The bridge is just "covered" (or "pressed?!") with expressways, so it seems to be missed easily!

Nihon-bashi Bridge has to be one of the most notable bridges in Japan because it used to be the beginning point of Japan's important industrial and commercial ways hundreds years ago. Very historical spot.

However, this is what it's like amid the civilzational construction in this present modern era.
It was reportedly said some people frowned upon this regarding it as a destroyed landscape. But whether any measure was taken or not, I don't know.
At least, the bridge itself, which is no longer the original of course, is still there, not vanished. Must be lucky.


By the way: as you see, the top of Mt.Fuji is covered with snow, but since it has been quite warm this winter, it has hardly snowed at lower land in Japan.
How is the snowfall in your country this winter?



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